Bon chic travels

Bon chic travels

10 Things You Must Pack When Traveling Around the World

When you have decided to travel around the world it is one of the biggest decisions in your life. We have compiled a list of 10 things you must pack.

1. Your backpack

Technically you are packing everything into your backpack. A good backpack is going to make your trip practical and much easier. A poorly chosen backpack is going to make your trip very difficult. The smallest backpack you can get all of your stuff into is the key. Of course only taking a limited amount of stuff is what really dictates your backpack choice.

2. Your Passport

This may seem painfully obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not know that if they don’t have at least 6 months before their passport expires from the end of their trip they will most likely be denied access into some countries. Bottom line is make sure your passport has plenty of time before it expires.

3. ATM Card

The world is getting smaller and ATM’s are available in most major cities. Make sure you use a bank that does not charge fro international withdraws as this can cost you a small fortune.

4. Drugs or more importantly prescriptions

If you take any prescription drugs make sure you have current prescriptions from your doctor. It’s also a good idea to get an antibiotic prescription before you go.

5. Power converter

Remember most countries do not have the same power outlets as we do and if you are bringing any electronics you will need to recharge them. A simple travel size power converter will be all you need.

6. Padlock

Always lock your stuff up with a quality padlock and the chance of theft goes way down.

7. Pen/Notebook

While this is something easily purchased on the road you are going to want to take notes from day one. You will not always remember everywhere you have been but with a quick note in your notebook you can always look back for a reminder.

8. Netbook/iPad/Macbook

While some people may say you don’t need this because there are internet cafes throughout the world for me this is a must have. Make sure you keep it small though because you will be lugging it everywhere.

9. Contacts personal hygiene stuff

On the road you will be able to find anything you need but your favorite brand or style will not always be available. Make sure you stock up on the must haves before you leave.

10. A good attitude

Without a good attitude you might as well just stay home. Remember things will not always go right but with the right attitude it will always be an adventure.

You can see my entire packing list”>here.