Bon chic travels

Bon chic travels

10 Tips For Traveling Free

Everyone wants to go on vacation, but most times what we want can be out of our budget. Here are some tips to get what you want for a little money OR free.

1) If you don’t travel for business, or have frequent flyer miles on any airlines, you can STILL acquire miles. Every airline has credit cards that will give you miles. Hotel companies do the same thing.

2) Some credit card companies, like American Express, allow for moving miles to airlines or hotels, these companies will allow you to have more choices in using your miles. USE these credit cards for groceries and gas- everyone uses those- and you will get your frequent flyer miles without getting on an airplane.

3) PLAN AHEAD. Using frequent flyer miles is NOT an easy feat these days. If you want to travel to a popular destination, you need to start getting these seats as soon as the airlines put them out there, usually 330 days in advance.

4) BE FLEXIBLE. It;s easier to get where you want to go if you’re willing to adjust your dates or, perhaps, change planes to get there.

5) BE PREPARED TO PAY SOME MONEY. Airlines, even on free tickets, charge for taxes. Depending on where you decide to travel, it can be in excess of $100.00.

6) Once all of your plans are confirmed, start finding all of the places you can visit, while in your vacation spot, for free. Perhaps discounting trip excursions for reserving these tours in advance.

7) PACK LIGHTLY. Airlines are now charging for extra bags.

8) TIP the maid and concierge at your hotel choice, in the beginning of your vacation. The concierge will be much more helpful in finding the best deals near the hotel- restaurants, tours, etc… AND the maid will happily give you those extra towels or pillows everyone needs.

9) TIP AGAIN, a stipend, at the end of your vacation. Remember, not all employees work everyday.

10) DEPARTURE TAXES. Some places charge to leave. Research your vacation of choice to be sure you have enough money to go home.

These tips make any vacation easier AND less expensive in the long run.

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