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Bon chic travels

3 Essential Tips of What to Bring on a Budget Holiday

Having been on quite a number of budget holidays, you learn as you go along what handy things you should bring just to make life a bit easier and less stressful when you’re on a holiday with a budget.

Here are my top 3 essential things I recommend to bring on your budget holiday that a lot of us forget or don’t consider to include:

1) Washing Powder & Hangers. If you want to save some cash in hotel laundry service bring some washing powder and hangers to do your own laundry as hotels can charge quite a big fee for this service. Many times there are very few hangers provided by the hotel so bring your own too to hang your clothes dry.

2) Basic first aid kit such as plasters, antiseptic cream, aloe vera gel, diahorrea tablets, motion sickness tablets. I learnt from experience bringing this kit can make your holiday a lot easier and more enjoyable when silly little mishaps happen during your travels. If you’re going to a hot country make sure you bring mosquito repellent. You do not want to be scratching like crazy throughout your entire holiday.

3) Swiss army knife & travel calculator. Army knife is a handy little gadget as it has lots of different functions. I tend to use this when I bring food back to the hotel room to eat. A calculator is something you can’t do without. Unless of course, you can work out quick conversions in your head. It is always a ‘must’ to take it with me on any trip I go to. It is a bonus if your calculator also has an alarm function so it can wake you up for those early excursions you want to take.

Hope you find this information useful and may you have a wonderful budget holiday!