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Bon chic travels

3 More Things to Look For in Discount Travel Voucher Programs!

If you’re really looking for honest to goodness discount travel, then discount travel vouchers are one of the best ways to get amazing savings on your next vacation (and every vacation for the rest of your life!) But how can you protect yourself from potential fraud, with all of the “fake” travel schemes? Follow these 3 tips!

1. Watch for “terms and conditions” of use. Good travel vouchers will be redeemable with very few restrictions, usually limiting the discounted rate to two adults (although you can add more for a small fee, much less than the full rate), and having time limits on the length of your stay. But real travel vouchers will not have blackout dates, they will not have age restrictions, and their vouchers will not expire within months of purchase. Real vouchers should be good for at least one year from your purchase date.

2. Beware of ongoing fees! Some clubs require you to pay them a fee every time you book a vacation. Others require monthly or yearly payments to continue to be a “member” of their program. Neither of these are necessary… A good travel club will only charge you once to join, and provide a lifetime of benefits. Don’t be fooled by the slick sales pitch. You shouldn’t have to pay more than once for a half decent travel program!

3. Make sure that your travel club offers more than one type of discount. If they only offer a certain number of nights at certain locations, you’ll probably find rather quickly that you won’t want to use them as often. Good travel clubs will offer discounts at hotels, airlines, resorts, attractions, car rentals, and even offer discounted all inclusive packages. If you want to travel abroad, make sure the vouchers include international locations as well. Many travel programs will offer different lengths of vacation stays, you want to make sure that you’re able to stay for as long as you want without having to pay for the full rate.

There are many discount travel voucher programs available today that will offer you real discounts for real vacations, not just the scams you get by phone. If you want to travel more, without having to pay advertised rates, these clubs are a great way to go!

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