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Bon chic travels

3 Tips For Traveling By Greyhound Bus

Traveling by Greyhound bus is considered an old mode of transportation across the United States, somewhat like crossing the desert on camel. In all seriousness, catching the Greyhound bus across state lines is very common and can be a great alternative for those that have anxieties and fears about air travel. All the hassle and fees of traveling by plane makes Greyhound the number one alternative for cheap ground transportation in the United States.

Using the Greyhound Bus as an alternative does have its drawbacks though and if you aren’t well prepared to tackle these you’ll find your trip unbearable, just ask me how I know. It’s said experience is the best teacher, my experience with the Greyhound Bus line will save you lots of heart ache and frustration if you follow my advice. The whole goal of traveling by Greyhound Bus is to comfortably and safely get to your destination as cheap as possible. Forget about speed, it takes Greyhound double the time to get to any destination that you can travel to by car. Don’t expect a fast trip, remember that Greyhound makes frequent stops to multiple cities within its route, this is what makes Greyhound so convenient for travel.

3 Tips For Comfortable Travel On Greyhound

1. Read the route and travel schedule before paying for your seat. Greyhound has several routes that can get you to your desired destination, knowing the routes will help you to choose that is best for you. Also add 30 minutes at the end of every route. Greyhound works hard to get you to your destination by the scheduled time but nothing is perfect and many times they are off schedule.

2. Try and sit in the front half of the bus, you will thank me later–I promise. Long travel dictates that there should be a safe and sanitary way for one to relieve one’s self while this bus line, you will want to sit as far away from that toilet as possible. This brings me to my third tip, use a public restroom at every stop.

3. Use the public restrooms of restaurants and convenience stores at every stop if you are one that uses the bathroom often. After using the Greyhound toilet, I can say using that bathroom is the last thing you’ll want to do. Drink less while on your trip.

NOTE: Per Greyhound Bus line policy purchase of a ticket for travel does not guarantee you a seat for any scheduled trip. That means it’s first come first served. Once you buy your ticket you have to immediately get in line and wait for your seat.

Hope these tips save you some time and trouble.