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5 Free Places to Visit During Your Lebanon Vacations

If you ever come to Lebanon, be sure to look for the most appropriate Lebanon Packages for your taste and budget. Traditionally, there is not one single place where you can gather all the necessary information for your Lebanon vacations. Whether you go extensively through Lonely Planet Guides, or whether you look for that information on the internet. That’s why being in Lebanon myself, and being passionate about the country and about tourism in general, I thought about gathering all the necessary information for the first time visitor in one place. In this article, I would be giving you some advice about the 5 best free places to visit in Beirut, the Lebanese capital.

– Beirut City Center: Walking through Beirut old (but renovated) city is a delight in itself. You can sit for a while on the pavement around the Star Square, watch people come and go, and observe the time passing while being surrounded by beautiful old buildings.

– The Rock: This is a nice place to go, in the afternoon particularly. Along the beach, you can get to the Rock place where there are two impressive rocks standing in the sea. Some adventurous people can go for a swim, or can even climb the rocks and plunge into the sea.

– The Sunday Flea Market: This is where local people and merchants come to sell the belongings they do not need anymore or their cheap merchandise. You can find old tools, old playboy magazines, old cameras, as well as very cheap cotton ware and Chinese goods. You can even find some art work.

– The White Sand Beach: 3 Miles on the same line going from the Rock to the south, the only remaining public beach of Beirut is a place to go to, especially if you are short on budget and feel like going for a swim on a warm sunny day.

– “Gemmayze” Street: Not far from the city center (5 minutes walk), you can engage in the most popular restaurants and bars street of Beirut. Although it has become a night gathering place, going there during the day is a must because of the old Ottoman style buildings that still characterize the place.

All the above places are situated within Beirut, and can go along any of the Lebanon Packages or can be included in any of the Lebanon Tours you can subscribe to. All you have to do is choose a hotel in Beirut, and you are set up to benefit from these places as much as you want, free of charge.

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