5 Rides You MUST Ride at the Disney World Parks

5 Rides You MUST Ride at the Disney World Parks

When you go to the Disney world parks, you are going to find that there are a ton of different rides that you will be able to go on. Disney is usually really crowded all year long, especially during the summer months, so you may want to do some research on what are some of the “must rides” at Disney.

One of the best rides at Disney is the Rock n Roller coaster which is located at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios). This is a launching indoor roller coaster, which launches you from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than 2 seconds. The best part of this roller coaster is surprisingly not the launch effect, but the fact that throughout the entire ride, Aerosmith tracks are blasting into your ears via some very high quality speakers that are located on each of the rides harnesses. This ride is flat out awesome.

Expedition Everest is the newest roller coaster at Disney, and is located at Animal Kingdom. This roller coaster is themed around the legend of the Yeti, whom you will run into a number of times while on the ride. The drops on this ride are great, and the climax of the ride involves you almost colliding with a very real looking Yeti who is trying to sabotage your ride.

Dinosaur is a dark ride that is also located at Animal Kingdom and is a pretty underrated ride. It involves riding back in time in a car searching for a dinosaur that you are trying to capture and return back to your current time from the Cretaceous period. Things do not go well, and you end up being chased down by a menacing Carnotaurous (which is basically a T-rex on steroids). This ride is pretty wild and has a couple of intense and scary moments.

Another ride that is really cool and not to be missed is the Test Track ride over at Epcot. This is hands down the best ride at the Epcot park. If you visit Epcot, you absolutely must ride Test Track. This ride involves participating in a test ride on a prototype vehicle. You go through a number of “tests” before heading out on a track at full speed, and even though you are only going about 55mph, it feels like you are going much, much faster than that.

Last but not least, Splash Mountain over at Magic Kingdom is probably the best log flume ride anywhere, period. The drop, while not the steepest in the world, is just incredible.

So when you go to the Disney world parks, you need to make sure that you ride these 5 rides, as they are just flat out awesome, and you will find that they are well worth whatever the wait time is.

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