Bon chic travels

Bon chic travels

5 Tips to Have a Happy Holiday

We spend months dreaming of the perfect getaway. With busy & stressed life, Few weeks of break are the best chance to relax, enjoy ourselves and reconnect as a family. We often end up feeling stressed with the pressure to make our holiday perfect as we know a well planned holiday are less expensive and will keep the family happy.

Tip – 1: Share the load – Don’t do everything yourself – Share the load with your partner. If one person is packing the luggage, let the other person look at websites to book a hotel or hire a car to suit the budget. To save money, compare the deals from different travel agents and hotels.

Tip – 2: Compromise – If one person’s idea of fun is to visit a historical sight and another’s is watersports, try to agree a compromise while planning. Whether you’re checking out the famous theme parks, shopping or getting close to nature, involve your children to make some decisions, give them a choice, let them pick which places to visit. Search for a hotel room on the hotel price comparison sites to find the cheapest and nearest hotel to all your favourite attractions. Never compromise when it comes to quality, always look for a well reputed hotel.

Tip – 3: Ground rules – Set some ground rules at the beginning of the holiday. eg. The amount of time spent on each activity, expenses for each activity, budget for lunch and dinner etc..

Tip – 4: Budget in control – The possible expenses that you are going to face are the cost of entrance tickets, food & drinks, hotel room, transport, shopping and other unexpected expenses. Allocate money for each and every activity to control the expenses, And do not forget to add some surplus cash for miscellaneous expenses. Keep your credit card only as a backup and keep cash in hand to meet all your expenses. Most important, keep your cash in different places eg. If you carry ?500 as cash, Keep ?100 in the bag, ?200 in pocket and ?200 in your partners handbag.

Tip – 5: Try something different – If your work involves computers and internet, try taking a break from all the computer & internet distractions. Most of us are comfortable doing the same thing. Try something new, may be your partner’s favourite whether its eating a spicy fish curry or watersports. This will urge you to pull together as a family.

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