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Bon chic travels

5 Unforgettable Package Holiday Ideas You May Have Never Even Considered

I don’t know about you, but when I think about package holidays I imagine delinquent children, sloppy food, moonshine spirits and being holed-up in one resort for two weeks as it’s too dangerous to leave after dark. I had this conversation with a friend recently and it was pointed out that I was being a snob. So I decided to investigate whether there are indeed any package holidays out there that don’t invite one to self-harm in the hopes of getting airlifted home.

I am magnanimous enough to admit that I was pleasantly surprised; it seems package holidays have come a long way since the Caribbean horror holidays of the early 90s. I managed to find 5 types of package holidays which are quite different from the stereotype I’d come to expect.

Gulet Sailing Cruises in Turkey

These beautiful sailing ships will make any holiday one of your most memorable! They are elegantly decked out, comprising 8 cabins and usually have a dining area on-deck where you can enjoy your meals surrounded by stunning Turkish coastlines. These picturesque cruises are ideal for couples, groups, and families. Food and drink is usually included depending on which company you choose, and all meals are prepared by an onboard chef. You can get full-board 8 berth cabins for under ?350 per week, so if you get a group together that can work out less than ?50 a head depending on the time of year. Of course, flights are not included in that price but if you do a bit of pre-planning you can usually find reasonably cheap flights to Turkey.


When I think of a Nordic adventure my initial instinct is that it’s going to be pricey; but it doesn’t have to be. You can now get package holidays to ski resorts, or tours around some of the most breathtaking landscapes our planet has to offer. There’s a large selection of diverse packages to be found at Thomas Cook and Expedia.

Cycling & Walking Tours

As you can imagine cycling or walking from place to place generally means you are not racking up huge bills on food, beverages or crappy souvenirs. A lot of these tours also provide an evening meal at your guest house as well as a packed lunch. So whether you fancy walking in Tuscany or cycling through the Alps there is a huge selection of tours available at really reasonable prices.

Adventure Holidays

Companies such as Intrepid Explorer offer some amazing adventure holiday packages. The Borneo adventure includes jungle trekking, climbing Mount Kinabalu and hopefully spotting some Orangutans, Pygmy Elephants and Crocodiles along the way. You can also see Gorillas in Rwanda, tour around Vietnam or choose from a selection of other once-in-a-lifetime holidays. You do need to arrange your own flights but the price of each tour is usually very affordable and once you are there everything else is taken care of.

Italian Lakes

You can now find a great selection of package holidays to Lake Garda and Lake Como, the packages I’ve spotted include accommodation at beautiful hotels beside the scenic lakes, food and beverages as well as excursions on the lake and to the neighboring sleepy fishing villages.

So, I am happy to admit there are some wonderful package holiday deals available for those willing to try something a bit different.

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