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5 Ways Travel Club Memberships Can Save You Money

Many memberships cost on average about $1500 to join. They are usually just a one time payment and are generally for a lifetime membership. Most will have an annual renewal fee ranging from $99 to $299.

But do these travel club memberships really save the family of 4 money?

The average family is reported to spend about $800 on their summer vacation. The cost include those families just driving to grandma’s house, all the way to those taking an International trip.

The travel memberships vary in structure, but most give discounts on car rental, hotels and condos, some even on full vacation packages including airfare and specialized cruises.

Week long condo stays traditionally accentuate the best of the savings with travel memberships. Condos have been traditionally occupied by time share owners, many have paid $10-20,000 or more to have the privilege of vacationing at a top resort for a week. The timeshare owners are also contractually obligated to pay an annual maintenance fee, ranging from a couple of hundred to well over $1,000 per year if golf membership, for example are included.

With a travel membership, many of the condo stays which could easily rent for $1,000-$2,000 per week but can be available for just $300-$700 per week with a membership. These prices are not per person but per condo unit and there are no limits to how many times a travel membership owner can vacation at the resorts, space permitting of course.

Some travel memberships are better than others in that they offer a larger database with fewer if any black out dates.

If a family travels just once per year and it is to visit family, a travel membership may not be the answer. However, the travel memberships really come into their own with families who travel perhaps twice per year and who like to visit different places. The memberships would permit the travelers to stay in better quality accommodation, in better locations for far less expense.

To summarize, the top 5 ways a travel membership save their members money are:

1 By filling up spaces in condo resorts, cruises and hotels, many memberships offer substantial savings to their members, up to 85% off retail prices.

2 By working with consolidators, the travel membership clubs purchase vacations at lower than published prices and forward the savings to their members.

3 Some travel memberships return the travel commissions or a percentage of, back to the traveler.

4 Some travel membership clubs will pay a referral fee for new members.

5 The travel expenses could be used as a deduction on your taxes if you own a business.

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