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Bon chic travels

7 Secrets to Affordable Vacation Plans and Saving Lots of Money!

Tight vacation travel budgets due to limited financial resources already stretched to the max, sometimes threaten to rob us of well deserved vacations away from our hectic, demanding everyday life.

Here are 7 amazingly simple secrets to affordable vacations plans, save vacation money and still enjoying terrific vacations:

1. Take a cruise or stay at an all-inclusive resort; the major costs such as meals, lodging, transportation and activities will be covered in one price.

2. Get several price quotations on the internet or compare quotations from at least 3 travel agents before purchasing airline tickets. Compare prices from different Airlines, airports and departure times. You can stumble on to savings as high as a few hundred dollars.

3. If you completed your vacation plans way in advance of the actual vacation, and purchased non-refundable tickets, most airlines will offer a credit voucher for the difference in fare if the fare goes down before your travel. Check with your travel agent or online travel site to confirm if the airline you are traveling with practices this policy, and if they do, follow up regularly to benefit reduction in airfares.

4. Choose hotels that include services in their rate that can reduce other areas of your budget. Such services may include meals, laundry service and special deals for kids.

5. Make hotel reservations as soon as you finalize your vacation travel plans to lock in the cheapest rates possible at maybe available for the dates of your scheduled stay. The cheapest rates are usually only available to just a few customers, so they will go quickly. The early bird catches the worm!

6. When comparing car rental rates offered by various companies you should consider the quality and value of the services being offered before making a decision:

-Shuttle service from and to the airport,

-Procedure for picking up and returning the car

-Daily business hours

-Types of vehicles available and their condition

-Availability of child safety seats

-Availability of emergency road assistance.

7. To get the best rates at a car rental, go for the weekly rate instead of the daily rate when possible, and reserve your choice of vehicle as far in advance as possible. Check with the car rental regularly before you travel to see if a better rate or special is being offered.

If you apply these secrets when planning your next vacation, not only will you be amazed at how much money you’ll save, you’ll also enjoy superior vacation quality and more value for your hard earned dollars.

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