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A Budget Hotel That is Placed in the Best Part of Town

Truth be told, Pennsylvania Hotel New York has had a tumultuous time throughout its history. While like every hotel it has endured its fair share of complaints, there are those who do view it as a charismatic and undeniable monument that is reflective of its location. Placed in the middle of the world’s stage, the Hotel Pennsylvania truly does come alive with regard to the numbers of visitors on an annual basis. The reason for this is New York City. One would debate that the location of this gigantic building is the main attractions to most tourists who visit every year.

Yet it would be unfair to categorise the Hotel Pennsylvania as a mediocre hotel, simply because it is not. Although, there has been the odd visitor who has regarded it as a luxury hotel, the fact of the matter is that it is a budget hotel that caters to those who are travelling on a budget. The reality is that the Hotel Pennsylvania offer adequate accommodation for that proverbial tourist or visitor who is constantly on the go. Such is the location of this hotel; anyone would be hard pressed to stay indoors, since the main attraction is the city outside where fun and frolic are all part and parcel of any holiday.

Pennsylvania Hotel in NYC, is should be noted is the bearer of a rich and illustrious history. Many a famous visitor has ended up at its doors to enjoy the company of other celebrities. This property alone has endured much in terms of debate amongst writers and artists who have enthusiastically spoken well of it and some who have spoken not so enthusiastically about it. Yet it is a property that has its own brand of charm which the majority of visitors will no doubt succumb to in due course during their holiday. In fact, it is a celebrity in its own right.

It would be advisable at this point to talk a bit about the many attractions and places of visit that this conveniently placed hotel offers its residents. One of the must visit places should ideally be Broadway which is located a mere kilometre away. It is indubitably one of the more endearing attractions of our times. Worshipped and adored by millions throughout the world, Broadway does offer a myriad of shows which would appeal to even the younger generation in families. Shows such as Cats, Mary Poppins, White Christmas, The Phantom of the Opera and even The Lion King could be viewed. Yet it goes without saying that shows are bound to change depending on the month and year.

Hotel Pennsylvania New York also promises so many other places in the nearby vicinity that are surely worth a visit. For example there is the Madison Square Garden which is close by. It has been regarded as the “World’s Most Famous Arena”. Touting a rich history of its own, this veritable property has been famously involved in many events as well. Besides being associated with the World Wrestling Federation, this property has also been associated with various award winning musical acts such as Coldplay. However, it goes without saying, one of the more famed and Tinsel town like moments would have been the event where Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday, Mr President” to President John F Kennedy who was celebrating his 45th birthday.

New York City is undoubtedly a place that offers much in terms of luxury, history and culture. The Hotel Pennsylvania happens to be the lucky recipient of these attractions, so it comes as little wonder that there are thousands of individuals who visit this property, just so that they can see a city that the world loves.

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