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Bon chic travels

AA Road Map Continues to Be the Trusted Method For Planning Your Route

Should you be touring the United Kingdom by car, on a motorcycle or a bike, a UK road atlas provides a detailed guide for all road directions, to all motorways as well as other roads, along with some private roads as well as unnumbered lanes. I must say, it really is a “must-have” for everyone who relishes the rush of freedom of the open road.

The standard road map is easy to read and generally based upon the UK’s precise and thorough OS Survey road atlas, which is crucial when preparing your journey as well as making your trip. Also, there’s usually an extensive index with more than 30,000 item listings to find any kind of destination.

The implementation of speed cameras in the UK has become very active over the last few years, which I believe is a great thing as they are generally put into high speed / risk areas ‘hot spots’ and perform a fantastic job in slowing traffic down and will save lives. Most road maps clearly displays the areas of the static, and a few mobile, speed cameras so you know exactly where they may be and where the danger locations are so you can make sure you specifically be careful in these areas. I believe this is a must for safe travelling.

With a long trip, when you’re lacking fuel, why is it you struggle to find a gas / petrol station. Most standard road atlas’ do show gas / petrol station locations to give you maximum organizing. Whenever visiting city centres, rather than getting stuck in the centre you can make use of the local ‘park and rides’. Most road atlas’ highlights the locations of the “park and rides” in major cities.

I do believe the traditional road map is a very precise and detailed map and is essential to plan and take on every journey.

Should you be touring the United Kingdom by car, on a motorcycle or a bike, don’t start your journey without a UK road map.

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