Easter Island: Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it

Easter Island, known also as Rapa Nui, is full of intrigue. The name of the island evokes immediately the image of moai – the emblematic, famous stone statues with a mysterious background. The moai sculptures are spread all around the island, they stand in silence but the history behind them speaks very loud. In spite […]

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Peru: 10 secrets on Inca culture that will make you a better person


10 reasons why Inca culture will make you a better person:   1.Practise the gift of sharing.  Ayni, the most important Inca value is a simple, yet powerful concept of reciprocity. One needs to give in order to receive. It’s not just about money or food. It is about an exchange of energy between people, […]

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Borneo: Beach-hopping with love

Me a mermaid? Grow up baby, they don't exist. I'm a unicorn

I say: Borneo, you say: nature, jungle, orangutans, somewhere-in-Asia-rainforest-and-more. But next time, if I say Borneo, you say the dream beach is a place to go! For a short-haul break from Kuala Lumpur or a long-haul holidays from Europe, there is no better destination for nature admirers, scuba divers and adventure seekers. My time was […]

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Qatar: The coolest car graveyard on Earth.


  The truth is that I’ve never really understood that big fuss about sexy, expensive cars. Has living in the richest country helped me to figure it out? Not in the least. As a matter of fact, it made it even worse, as I am totally indifferent even to the poshest brands. Qatar spoils when […]

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Burma (4): Never kiss in public! Burmese savoir vivre


Are you planing your trip to Burma just now? Or thinking of going one day? There’s no better way to prepare, than reading that blog post. Honestly, I wish someone had told me those things before. There are things that you need to know in advance to explore Bagan with joy. Here we go:   […]

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Burma (3): When you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing

Extraordinary things happen on a train ride. It might be about meeting other travellers, like when Jesse met Céline on a road trip in Europe. It was in a train going through Vienna, where they started their bittersweet, thought-provoking celebration of love. Jesse and Céline were the most lovable and beautifully filmed couple, but they were […]

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Burma (2): The highest form of wisdom is kindness


A map, lipstick, camera and cash: here we go, I’m ready to explore! I put make up on, my favorite dress on and I left the hotel all alone. With the chaos in my mind and pure joy in my heart, I just couldn’t resist to smile. I do smile a lot, without any serious […]

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Burma (1): Getting lost will help you find yourself


With a palm full of stars I throw them like dice On the table I shake them like dice And throw them on the table Until the desired constellation appears* I promised myself this year to be a year of trust, communication and awareness. It’s been just two weeks and I already broke that promise. […]

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Similan Islands: Never fall in love with a scuba diver

Never fall in love with a scuba diver. Her hair will never be dry and her kiss will often be salty. CHOOSE HAPPINESS Life is short: be greedy in chasing your dreams. Too much is never enough. Make yourself happy and don’t forget to make happy the one you love. With that in your heart […]

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My dear readers: Happy New Year! Make 2016 meaningful and memorable! All the best! xxx  

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