Welcome to Bon chic, Bon voyage!

In 1889 Paul Gauguin created a piece of painting called Be in love and you will be happy. No doubt the artist who travelled extensively throughout his whole life would agree with me on this one too: Travel and you will be happy. There are very few things in life that can boost our energy level as efficiently as traveling. Being in love is one of them – that’s for sure. However in life I bet it’s much easier to do the RTW trip than to find a real lifetime soulmate.  However many will agree: it is definitely easier to fall in love while you travel. To fall in love with people, places and most important: to fall in love with yourself.

Bon chic Bon voyage is my own variation of a classical French expression bon chic, bon genre and stands as my travelling credo since I’ve decided to visit every corner of the world. Bon chic – good style, good attitude and Bon voyage – good travel, good journey. In fewer words: Bon chic travels.

The chic, stylish way of travel is not about being Once is enoughfashionable in a traditional meaning of this word. Bon chic travels is a brand which promotes a mix of confidence, femininity, curiosity and sense of responsibility for your own happiness and success. Motivation and trust in/while traveling. I don’ believe in  life throwing at us the amazing opportunities. I believe we have to go out there to search for them, provoke them, fight for them to see the change happen.

I invite you to go through the catalogue of my dreams – the places where I left a piece of heart. It is a pleasure to have you here, please sit back, relax and enjoy your time with Bon chic travels.


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