14 tips how to see an active volcano best!

Mt Yasur is magical. Nervously waiting for an exciting meeting with the volcano, first you experience a special kind of quiet. It starts before you see it. Getting nearer and nearer to the mountain, the silence changes into a soft rumble. You hear it and you feel it but you can’t see it. The anticipation changes into a real feast the moment you reach the rim, where the soft rumbles transform into laud fireworks.

It is worth to prepare for this experience well in advance. There are small tricks to make your journey much more comfortable and memorable. So here we go!

When you go to Tanna to see Mt Yasur (or any active volcano):

  1. Bring the tripod with you. Otherwise, especially during the night-time it’s extremely hard to take pictures/videos. If you don’t have the tripod with you (silly me, I didn’t have one) try to make one. I used the flat rocks lying around to create a wide pole which supported my camera.
  2. Shoot with a remote shutter release, than you can enjoy the show and take great photos at the same time. You will avoid focusing on operating the settings on your camera instead of the show.
  3. The greater zoom options your camera has, the better. Obviously you can’t get too close to the lava sparkles, so zooming helps.
  4. Choose regular camera over your Gopro – at least mine Hero3+ Silver edition – didn’t really give it a justice.
  5. Cover your camera. There’s so much ash and dust around the volcano, it can easily destroy your precious equipment.
  6. Take many spare batteries – your camera will spend a lot of time on standby, waiting for the next eruption to happen.
  7. Wear mosquito repellent and comfortable shoes.
  8. Bring extra clothes, it’s cold and windy up there. Also you might need to cover your face, the ash is everywhere.
  9. Don’t wear the clothes you really like – the ash might destroy it.
  10. Send a postcard – there is a post box out there (the only volcano post box in the world) so take some postcards with you!
  11. Entrance fee – if you do the trip yourself, you need to pay an entrance fee to access Mt Yasur (I heard it was around 3500 VT but I can’t guarantee that). Most package tours have this fee included – so had mine.
  12. Bring the torch.  After twilight it is very dark and it’s easy to trip over the lava rocks. If you go for a tour they’ll give you one.
  13. Check out a camping site – if you don’t go with an organised tour, you can consider sleeping under the start having a volcano as a lullaby!
  14. Stay cautious. Mt Yasur is a friendly volcano but don’t take it for granted, listen to local authorities. I have heard really terrifying stories.

I made a Youtube video to picture the experience better. When you watch it, pay attention to details (like the change of the ambient, when it’s getting dark), it might help you making much better footage than I did.

Enjoy the video and enjoy your trip to the volcano!


Have logoyou seen an active volcano? Have you been to Tanna and you have better recommendations? Please share! Are you planning your trip there? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Bon chic, Bon voyage! xxx


2 thoughts on “14 tips how to see an active volcano best!

  1. I went to Mt. Yasur last year. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, even if it was ‘risking my life’, I will do it again without thinking on it. I suppose you’re not really living life unless it’s a near-death experience. So, you really have to go!

    by: Yoram Yasur


  2. Thank you Yoram for your comment, I couldn’t agree more! I have adventurous lifestyle and really love it! Although I prefer to call it an adventure than a near-death experience 🙂 Have a nice day!


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