Similan Islands: Never fall in love with a scuba diver

Never fall in love with a scuba diver. Her hair will never be dry and her kiss will often be salty.


Life is short: be greedy in chasing your dreams. Too much is never enough. Make yourself happy and don’t forget to make happy the one you love. With that in your heart go ahead and challenge yourself with a reality check of things you want to attract more in your life. I did mine and found scuba diving very high on my list. Especially now during winter season, when most of us have an ocean of desire to spend time in some sunny paradise. I’ve been itching to go back to scuba diving routine for quite some time now. My days off were short (as usual) but appetite was huge. Having flicked through many scuba destinations Thailand was a great option from the start. It offers such a good underwater sightseeing and very flexible timetable — a dream combination for busy divers.

Diving has cathartic qualities and can be psychologically addictive. During most recreational dives we don’t inhale a pure oxygen (it would be too expensive) but definitely breathing underwater has a purifying effect. And it works like a drug. Wandering around whale sharks, colourful, extravagant fish, manta rays and rocky landscape is very seductive. Diving can work as a perfect remedy for any worries or rainy days. Joseph Campbell wisely said: ‘If you are falling, dive’. I strongly believe the more equanimity you practise underwater, the more you have it in a real life. That’s why I was so elated about the trip, packed quickly and was very ready to go. Nemo my love, here I come!


Ladies and gentlemen, why not to start from an end? Let me share with you my final product of Similian short adventure. It was taken with a tiny GoPro and I’m proud of the result. Music: Nothing More Than A Heartache by Lisa Jaeggi. Enjoy! ❤️

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.59.53 AM



I’ve been searching reasonably long for the best liveboard to enjoy Similan Islands. I found nothing better and more suitable than South Siam Divers. You can join the boat any time you want, for how long you want, with a very attractive price package. They pick you up from your hotel in Phuket very early morning (around 6AM) and then it takes about 2 hours drive to get to the port and then (yes, it’s a long journey) around 2 hours by boat to join the liveboard. It is tiring. First day is tiring. After all those hours of traveling you come onboard and prepare your diving equipment straight away. The same day you do 4 dives. It is a lot. But it’s just the first day that is so hectic, all next days are very enjoyable and pleasant. It’s all up to you how many dives you want to do but 4 per day is a max. I couldn’t have stayed more than one night and was so jealous of others who had longer holidays. Do I sound greedy? Oh yes.

Turn the boat into your sweet home for one night or preferably more. If you travel alone, you will be paired in your room with another diver. Not a big deal, anyway you don’t spend much time in the cabin. And if you are lucky, you might meet a friend for life. Scuba diving has that amazing uniting qualities.



Diving brings you closer to many interesting people, colourful and flamboyant personalities. In Similan I had a pleasure of meeting my Gulf neighbours, Arif and Mamdooh, who shared with me their passion, experience and photos. All photos below belong to Arif, PADI Instructor, whom you can follow on Instagram at Dive with Arif. Amazing collection of diving adventures. Touching stories we’ve shared, those stories which you can’t easily forget. Thank you for being such an inspiration and encouragement for scuba progress! It was a beautiful learning experience for me.



With that beautiful collection I’d like to close my Thai adventure. I hope you have enjoyed. Any questions, any feedback? Please share! Oh, one more thing: I wish you all the best in 2016! Be curious, be passionate and be brave! Bon chic, bon voyage xxx



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