Qatar: The coolest car graveyard on Earth.


The truth is that I’ve never really understood that big fuss about sexy, expensive cars. Has living in the richest country helped me to figure it out? Not in the least. As a matter of fact, it made it even worse, as I am totally indifferent even to the poshest brands. Qatar spoils when it comes to beautiful, extravagant cars: at some point you just don’t notice them anymore. So when I heard my best friend Domi saying ‘Let’s go for car sightseeing’ I was a bit sceptical, not to say: not interested at all. But, wait, she wouldn’t be my best friend, if she wasn’t up to something totally amazing. When it comes to adventures, I trust her with my life, so with no hesitation I said: ‘Let’s go!’ and oh, I didn’t regret it at all. We phoned up another crazy girl Polina and immediately she was us onboard. Dream team was ready to go!

Dear reader, you’re just about to join me and my two beautiful blondies on a road trip to the World’s coolest car graveyard, so here we go: fasten your seatbelt, hold tight and enjoy!



Forty five minutes and a healthy breakfast (i.e. a pack toffifee) later we arrived to the most surreal landscape you can possibly imagine. Al Wukair Scrap Yard, as this is the official name of the place, is located at the outskirts of Doha and can be easily reached, if you follow this map. But mind the timings! The Scap Yard is officially opened to the public just in the morning. Imagine our sad faces, when we reached there and the security guard told us: ‘No, today you can’t enter anymore’. With our tight schedule, we couldn’t afford being sent back home. We tried really hard to make it happen, including calling the police station responsible for the safety of the place. During a long conversation with a very nice but tough policeman, I was bending back and forth, promising we would behave and take few photos only. Policeman agreed under one condition, as a safety precaution, we had to send him: car registration number, residence permit number and… our photo. We did a quick selfie, in which we proudly demonstrated our photo equipment, to boost our chances of entering the surreal car world. I think it worked pretty well, as the policeman replied with  a funny ‘so cute lol’ 🙂 We got an official approval and the place belonged just to us (and our handsome and super helpful guide) for much longer than we had promised earlier on the phone.


It’s been raining quite a lot these days in Doha. Surprisingly, it made our visit even more enjoyable as the rain washed away a lot of sand and the cars were not covered in a total dust anymore. Here you can see how the place usually looks like: much greyer, sadder and less photogenic, but no wonders, after all the graveyard is located in the middle of the desert. We were in a paradise of creativity, injected with the photo madness, we were happily running around, peeping inside, jumping on rooftops, doing yoga poses, stretching, laughing, exploring all the dilapidated and rusted cars in and out. There are thousands of vehicles parked there, approximately 20,000 to 24,000 according to the local newspaper, which give endless opportunities for an imagination work out.



Dear cars, you’re just too cool to rest in peace, so be ready for the crowds. Once unwanted and abandoned, now you’re back in glory, so you can shine. I’m sure the place will get more popular and certainly it won’t be so much fun. Hurry up and visit the graveyard when its magic still lasts!



logoAny questions, suggestions, tips, comments? I’d love to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed the ride, if you did, say so! Bon chic, bon voyage x


3 thoughts on “Qatar: The coolest car graveyard on Earth.

    1. Hey Joel, there’s no number unfortunately, however if you go there in the morning, you”ll certainly meet the security guard who will let you in or give you all the contact details. Have fun!


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